Who We Are

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     The History of the Green River Memorial Baptist Church began when the Lone Valley Baptist Church organized on January 5, 1907.  There was no Baptist congregation in the Lone Valley area of Taylor County, and an opportunity for a new church presented itself.  Though beginning with only 7 members, growth came quickly.  In time, Lone Valley Baptist Church progressed from a quarter time church (meeting one Sunday a month) to a halftime church (meeting twice a month) to a full-time church.  They joined the Russell Creek Baptist Association and inducted to the state and national conventions.

     In 1930, a group from Lone Valley proposed planting a new church near Pike’s Ridge.  During difficult weather (the area was flood prone and poor roads made winter weather treacherous) the trek between Lone Valley and Pike’s Ridge was nearly impossible.  Thus, on July 19, 1930 the Pike’s Ridge Baptist Church was constituted with 25 former members of Lone Valley.  The two congregations continued separately until 1964, when the Army Corps of Engineers announced plans for Green River Lake.  The congregations felt led to reunite in their efforts.  It soon became clear that the causes for the mission church were no longer relevant, and it was decided that when the move was necessary, the churches would merge.  Thus, on June 3rd, 1964 the Green River Memorial Baptist Church formed as a body with plans to locate at its current location.

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