Why choose GRMBC?  Here’s why others have.

I began to attend GRMBC with my wife and children. In the past I had some very horrible experiences in a few churches and I began to attend GRMBC with a very skeptical attitude.  I was prepared for the hypocrites, the judgmental, and those who attended to show off their fine clothes or affirm their social standing. After several weeks of bracing for the worst…. none of it happened.  Instead I was welcomed and accepted and it was very obvious to me that God was alive and well in GRMBC.

After all the years of struggle I found myself standing in a baptistery [at GRMBC] with two men that I had grown to respect and was honored to call friends. You see as the battle with my faith was ongoing these men were examples of how life with Christ can be.  They lived it daily and were good role models that supported me during all of this.  So many supported me that I cannot possibly name them all: my wife and family, my friends and my church family – you all are the reason that I am where I am today, that I ultimately found victory in Jesus at the end of one of the longest journeys of my life. – D.G., Vo.Tech instructor


…As soon as the service ended I called my mom and exclaimed, “I have found MY church!”… On April 8th of 2012, I fell in love with a family that I never thought could exist on planet earth, let alone my neck of the woods in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Almost two years later I am more in love with my family than ever. Through attending GRMBC, the Lord has grown me in astounding ways. What an honor it has been to serve in many areas. I am so thankful that my family has allowed and entrusted me, a young ignorant college student, with such responsibilities. This has not only helped me grow in my leadership skills, but has also challenged and grown me spiritually. Through placing myself in these different leadership positions I have been forced to establish a more routine quiet time…not just reading devotionals, but digging deep into the Word. I also grew in my walk last semester when GRMBC enabled me to follow God’s call to go to Central Asia. Without GRMBC in my life I am unsure if I would still be in the spiritual standing I am currently in. I am proud of the family I am a part of. I am honored to be a member of GRMBC…and I am privileged to invite my acquaintances and friends to our fellowship. I know that when I invite a guest that smiling and welcoming faces will greet them before they find me. Unlike many other churches GRMBC consistently seeks out visitors, and makes them feel welcome. Before attending GRMBC I had a couple of close young godly women friends, but nothing compared to the support system I have now. GRMBC is not your ordinary church. We are a family who is constantly seeking to serve, to outreach, and to welcome new family members in. When I found GRMBC I found a home. I found a place where I could serve the Lord with genuine followers of Jesus. I had finally found a family. – K.H., Student


“Before attending GRMBC I did not have a good understanding of what it meant to be part of a church family. After being at GRMBC for a year, I have learned a lot about loyalty. I have learned about the importance of having a church family and I have more of an understanding of the scripture referring to the church body and its different parts… I have been amazed how easy it has been to make relationships with many people in our family and how they are always willing to give a helping hand. I feel like God has planted me at GRMBC because it is a place that will equip me for whatever the future holds. I also know I have a family that will help me and support me in any endeavor I attempt for the Lord… I believe GRMBC is a very welcoming family and we truly do meet people wherever they are in life. The first thing I tell people about GRMBC is the amazing community/family we have. I tell them that we are bunch of sinners saved by God’s grace and we are not perfect… God has shown me since I have been to GRMBC the many ways he can use me for his purpose. Overall my life has been better because I have found a home. I have a family that is helping me grow in my walk with God… Altogether I feel like my feet are planted on a rock..” D.F. – Nurse



Looking for a home where you will be encouraged, challenged, and grown?  Come and joining the story God is telling at GRMBC!