Sunday Evening Lineup

Sunday Evening Lineup*:

First Sunday Night: Study

The first Sunday night of each month is devoted to a more interactive and practical “How To” style study of God’s Word.

Second Sunday Night: Fellowship

The second Sunday night of each month will center around having fun and enjoying one another.  Sometimes this means food, a game, an activity, a movie… all designed to draw us closer as a church and give us a chance to know one another better.

Third Sunday Night: Worship and Communion

The third Sunday night of each month will focus on unique times and styles of worship as well as deepening our understanding of the ordinance of Holy Communion – the Lord’s Supper.  It varies as to which will be the focal point, but communion is open to all believers who maintain a personal and purposeful relationship with Christ.

Fourth Sunday Night: Prayer

The fourth Sunday night of each month is set aside to deepen and then carry out our call to pray.  This may include scripture, music, prayer walking, guided prayer, or any of a number of unique experiences

Fifth Sunday Night: Sabbath

On the occasion that there are five Sundays in a month, we will take the fifth Sunday night to rest and spend time with family.  Sabbath literally translates “ceasing.”  Sunday has a unique rhythm, and we want our members to take advantage of time spent with their most important mission field – their own families.


*Lineup subject to change due to Holidays and church calendar