DSC_0111We offer several times and formats to worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a corporate setting.

Sunday School – 10 AM – This small group setting provides a great mix of fellowship, basic information, and advanced discussion.  Each class makes an effort to reach out to new friends, care for current members, and have a little fun together.  Drop in at the front door and a greeter will be glad to show you to a class that will encourage you in your journey.

Sunday Morning Worship – 11 AM – Singing, prayers, worship through tithes, and a sermon born from Scripture – this is probably what you picture in your mind when you think about coming to church… but we think you’ll find a refreshing mix of old and new that is the signature style of GRMBC.

Sunday Evening Bible Study – 6:30 PM – This is the study of the scripture, plain and simple.  A much more personal, engaging format than Sunday mornings with a greater emphasis on understanding the nuance that exists when we break open the Bible.  Bring a Bible and a pen – listening sheets are usually provided.

Wednesday Night Study/Youth/BIG FISH – Wednesdays, 6:30 PM – Our most eclectic mix of services, Wednesday night is a three-ring circus with something for everyone.  Kids and youth start off the night with a meal at 6:30.  From there, preschool, K-6, and Youth break up and investigate how they fit into the story God is telling.  Adults have a week-based program of varied activities:

  • 1st Wednesday, topical study (room 5)
  • 2nd Wednesday, business meeting (room 5)
  • 3rd Wednesday, a night of prayer (room 5)
  • 4th Wednesday, Men on Mission (room 2) and Women’s Missionary Union (room 5)
  • 5th Wednesday, topical study (room 5)