100_1543Guests are always welcome at GRMBC!  We strive to create an environment where you will feel comfortable, welcome, and engaged.  Here are a few suggestions to make your first time more enjoyable:

  • Come to the front door – We’ve got greeters stationed at the door to help you find your way.  They’ll get you to your Sunday School classes, help you find a seat, or direct you to the nursery.  That’s why they’re there, so ask!


  • Come for Sunday School – You’ll walk out with a new friend, and someone to sit with!  We’ve got a class for any age, and your chances of forming a relationship will skyrocket.


  • Bring a Bible – Scripture will be on the screen in the sanctuary, but nothing will beat having a copy of the Bible in your lap.  You may also want to bring a notepad or journal if you are a note taker.


  • Open your mind – We all have preferences, and that is fine!  However, we are created to glorify God.  We pray that you get something from the songs, the prayers, and the sermon… but that is not the point.  Church is an opportunity to give something to God.  Look for ways to give, and don’t worry so much about what you’ll get!


  • Fill out the pew card – No one will show up unannounced, promise!  This is a record for us that you visited.  It also gives us a chance to email, call, or send a card to say, “Thanks!”  The pastor will probably write or call to see if you have any questions.  If you give your pew card to the pastor on your first visit, you get a family “swag bag” full of goodies to let you know that we appreciate your visit.

Still have questions?  Call our office at 270.465.6032 and we’ll be glad to answer them.